AE (AlderEgo) Distribution

AE (AlderEgo) Distribution

The AlderEgo Group was formed by an experienced group of industry veterans to promote the benefits of cannabis while helping our clients and industry partners maximize their success.

About AE (AlderEgo) Distribution

In 2014, we began selling pipes and paraphernalia out of a convenience store near Mount Rainier in Washington and quickly became one of the fastest-growing distributors of well-known brands. Our reputation as a highly professional and aggressive distributor attracted many cannabis-infused producers as well and so we later added these products to our offering.

In 2015, we began outsourcing the same paraphernalia products that we were sourcing from established brands and offering private label solutions for many recreational retailers that saw this as a great way to help promote their stores and brand.

In 2016, we owned and operated state-licensed producer-processor licenses. In Tacoma, we utilized our processor license to package and sell dry flower and produce pre-rolls. In Seattle, we operated an extraction facility and produced cannabis distillates using closed-loop BHO extraction and operated a VTA thin-film wiping distillation machine.

In 2017, we decided to direct 100% of our attention to helping our industry partners source products from China. Being able to leverage the tremendous talent that Chinese factories can offer in affordable materials and highly-skilled tooling and production has allowed us to offer quality paraphernalia and packaging to a growing industry that is getting more competitive each day.

Our experience with all parts of the cannabis industry enables us to be outstanding at design and product development, while also focusing on quality and efficient manufacturing processes.

Today, we spend 75% of our time in China & India working with our factory partners. In 2018, we will be adding apparel and clothing to our outsourcing capabilities by partnering with a boutique garment factory located outside of Phnom Phen in Cambodia.