We engineer bank printers and medical printers of uncompromising performance and print quality. Addmaster inkjet printers are designed for productivity, quiet operation, improved print quality and high reliability. We also seek to enter new markets with innovative inkjet technology that delivers long-term value.
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About Addmaster

Addmaster manufactures inkjet receipt and validation printers for use in banking applications, primarily at the teller station. Our customers include some of the leading financial institutions in the U.S. with system-wide installations in excess of 50,000 units. Addmaster also provides ink jet print mechanisms to OEM customers for use in a wide range of print applications, such as packaging, marking, voting, and money order printing. Addmaster Corporation was founded in 1962 as a manufacturer of adding machines and manufactures all its products in the US.

Our Clary Corporation subsidiary is a leader in the field of rugged power conditioning products and uninterruptible power supplies for use in extreme and mission critical applications. Clary products are found in the military, where they are used onboard Navy and Coast Guard ships, and in traffic applications, where they are used to protect signalized intersections and ITS nodes from utility failure.


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