Access Rosin

Access Rosin

Access Rosin is a team of innovative engineers commercializing the standard Rosin Press of two heat plates. The only Rosin Press to be called a machine for its simple quadruple features.

About Access Rosin

Access Rosin discovered a way to intergrade this rosin environment into dispensaries because the interchangeable plates and the most pressure to plate (P2P) Rosin Press. These sets of plates are designed each a unique way to match the interchanging amount of flower a patient may wish to rosin at a single time. Therefore, boosting the interaction of patient to technology, attention to a patients health, and most of all flower sales are increasing.

The Access Rosin press allows you to angel all sizes of presses in one press. The press comes with three size (Quick Connect) heating plates. Small plates which resemble the size of 1”x 2” filter bag, yet twice the size capacity, fitting a total of 8 grams maximum into a single 1”x 4” Access Micron bag.

As a company, we strived for a overall tailored fit to uniform a dispensaries comfortable vibes and humble environment as a goal we set upon ourselves to achieve a massive amount of force to run solely from a 120v power outlet is a difficult goal to set, yet Access Rosin likes to set the bar high, and believe we found the perfect fit. The patented Ram-to-Rocker arm technology used to convert small amount of energy to mass large amounts of force is only found embedded in The Access Rosin Press one of many features. We offer a Hand held remote to accommodate the comforts of home, and short but mellow sound of pressure to gift a present of a oil waterfall.