4Front Ventures

4Front Ventures

4Front Ventures is a leader in the cannabis industry with three subsidiaries: 4Front Advisors (consultants), Mission Partners (retail) & Linchpin Investors

About 4Front Ventures

4Front is setting new standards in the cannabis industry and has the vision and scope to drive change at every touchpoint on the supply and demand chain.

If you’re going to lead, you have to think big. When we began as consultants, 4Front brought together some of the best minds in this industry and others — finance, real estate, retail and agriculture — and earned a reputation for winning, helping partners earn more than 50 medical cannabis licenses nationwide.

Today we think even bigger, with a 360° view of the industry, and the assets to impact it: in just two years, we’ve won distribution licenses for our own cannabis operations across four states, allowing for up to 11 dispensaries and three cultivation and processing facilities. All with a singular business model centered around best-practices and people.


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