4Blooms.Guru Professional Cannabis Marketing

4Blooms.Guru Professional Cannabis Marketing

4Blooms is a full-service San Diego-based cannabis marketing company. We have specialists in cannabis packaging & branding, web development, recreational and medical marijuana dispensary marketing, and organic & local SEO. Through our extensive professional network, we also provide outstanding services in business & legal consultation, IT & point-of-sale, and cybersecurity.
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About 4Blooms.Guru Professional Cannabis Marketing

Benefits: Be memorable, grow brand loyalty, stand out from the competition. It is essential to distinguish your brand from competitors in this rapidly growing industry. An effective cannabis brand strategy gives you an edge, because it makes your brand more memorable. Your dispensary logo, color scheme, tagline, signage, business cards, website and advertising all communicate quality to your customers. With intelligent cannabis marketing and branding, you define your purpose and identity, and add value to your business. We work with clients to create brands and cannabis logos that demand attention.

Benefits: Marketing is jet fuel for your business. Go farther, faster with strong marketing strategies. Cannabis marketing is a complex challenge involving relentless research, testing, and analysis. The quickest route to sales is a sustained campaign with the help of a professional cannabis marketing agency. Get all the gears going with lead generation, email marketing & email nurturing. Think of it as jet fuel for your business: walk or fly to your destination? Time is your most valuable asset. Working ON the business and not IN the business means hiring the right professionals to support the company’s growth, and in the cannabis industry, time is of the essence.

Benefits: Well-crafted functionality, user experience and story-telling can help drive sales and user engagement. Web technology is amazing, and our team is an experienced powerhouse that makes websites that are both beautiful AND useful. Our easy-to-manage sites shine on mobile, and generate sales with visual content, interactive elements and exquisite design. We create stunning dispensary websites, websites for growers and related businesses, and more.

Benefits: Content makes Google happy and you a thought leader. One of the most challenging aspects of cannabis marketing online is that paid ads may be restricted on various paid promotion channels. This means that a good amount of online conversion will be happening organically for cannabis businesses. Cannabis SEO is the major counterpoint to paid ads — when SEO is strong, and organic traffic is strong, you can devote fewer resources to paid cannabis advertising. Drive visitors to your site through Google best practices & 4Blooms’ proprietary optimization process.

Benefits: Cannabis products are judged by their covers — be judged well. Make the outside as beautiful as the inside. The printed materials and packaging for your products should create enthusiastic customers and brand ambassadors. 4Blooms inspires memorable impressions that capitalize on this critical aspect of cannabis marketing. Instantly separate your product from the competition and boost sales with our stand-out services.


Susan Rust
CEO and Founder
Brittany Anderson
Digital Strategy Manager
Carey Goodwin
Production Manager
Lisa Smith
Creative Strategy Director
Jade Molina
Associate Account Manager
Dayna Williams-Hunte...
Director of Public Communications
Noah Miretsky
Cannabis Packaging Compliance Specialist
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Cannabis Packaging Specialist
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Digital Content Specialist
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Content Writer
Kenneth Soto
PPC & SEO Specialist
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Digital Specialist
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Marketing Analyst
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Digital Marketing Associate
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Social Media Marketing Associate
Juhyun Lee
Graphic Design Associate