420PR Group

420PR Group

We help cannabis-related startups seek public awareness to improve credibility using all available channels of communication to deliver your consumer- or business-related news, values, key messages and advocacy, whether B2C or B2B.
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About 420PR Group

Public Relations for cannabis-related businesses ready for public awareness
The market for legal marijuana will grow 70% this year and $10 billion over the next 4 years, yet negative attitudes persist. Our mission is to make MJ companies friendly to Main Street so local communities can fully appreciate the curative analgesic properties and industrial applications of a 5 million year old weed.
420PR is a network of senior talent specializing in media relations, print and online press, and writing. Our strength is personalized service and the highest regard to results. We help small companies seek public recognition that improves credibility.

We offer the following services:

Community outreach * Content Marketing * Article Placement * Story Pitches * Product Launches * Thought Leadership * Blogs * Social Media Marketing * eBooks * Media Training * Press Releases * White Papers *Awards * Website Design * Search Engine Optimization (SEO) * HubSpot Services * Graphic Design

What can PR do for you?

Builds credibility
Positions as expert
Creates visibility as a player
Creates sales & marketing assets
Moves the organization forward
Generates new opportunities
Recruits quality hires
Boosts pride & morale
Enhances corporate culture