We create a climate for growth. We lead the way in the development and production of technology for the optimization of environmental conditions and process management. We provide solutions for horticulture, building automation and anything in between with a unique combination of software, hardware and services.

About Priva

We are Priva. We make hardware and software and supply services for process management and climate control in non-residential buildings, in horticulture and in industry. An international family business with roots in the soil of Westland. This is obviously fertile soil, because we have grown to become a global company. A company with sites and training centres on every continent, from China to Canada and from Mexico to Scandinavia. And with our certified partner network, we are represented in more than 100 countries. This means we are close to our customers, in the same time zone: we know the business, and we speak the language! And that, of course, makes everything easier!

It all started once in De Lier, Netherlands, where nowadays still our Priva Campus is situated. Here we invent and produce innovative solutions for sustainable climate control and process management in the horticulture industry, the built environment and anything between. Our unique combination of software, hardware and services makes us pretty special. With an R&D department of 120 super-smart colleagues, we are constantly working on improving existing products and on coming up with new ideas for our customers.

Priva is where people live and work and where food and flowers are grown. Our products and services are applied in all kinds of sectors such as greenhouses, offices and public buildings, urban farming, grow cells, retail, hotels, healthcare, museums and open field horticulture. For these sectors we develop dedicated solutions, which can be easily scaled up to other customers and to adjacent sectors. Our solutions help our customers to obtain a more profitable business with a lower use of scarce natural resources like energy and water.That’s what we call creating a climate for growth.

In horticulture we help entrepreneurs to take further steps in their development. Whether it be a grower in Mexico with a plastic multi-span greenhouse, a Chinese farmer with a simple but effective solar greenhouse, or a horticultural entrepreneur with a high-tech closed greenhouse system in the Netherlands, Priva always has the right solution for everyone's ambition. With every step we take with our customers, the starting point is: greater efficiency per m2 with less energy consumption and the maximum reuse of water.

In the built environment, our systems create a pleasant working environment in which people can deliver better performance levels in buildings that use significant less energy. Absenteeism down, labor productivity up, less energy use and a smaller carbon footprint.