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About Cloud Ledger LLC

I’m Christopher Nelson and I manage Cloud Ledger, an online accounting service. I work in North Idaho, but I’m often nowhere near the people that I work with. I provide financial services for small business throughout the United States.

I have always been enamored with the idea of entrepreneurship and building something successful. Being close to the heart of a business really interested me so accounting was a good fit. It wasn’t spreadsheets and tax forms that attracted me to this career, it was the opportunity to understand what makes a business tick.

I think a common misconception people often have about my work is assuming that I spend long days in front of spreadsheets. In reality, I spend much more time establishing and maintaining relationships. I am speaking with clients whenever they need me. We are always working together to solve problems as a team.

Another big part of my day is analysis. Just looking at the bigger picture. Often times, when a business owner looks at their financials, they only see the surface. They made money, they have money, etc. It’s my job to see deep inside the machine of their business and figure out what is really happening. My focus is making sure I can offer solid financial data for the business and empowering the users of that data to make the right decisions to maintain a healthy company.

Long gone are the days of the ledger book. Accounting software is top-notch nowadays and continuing to improve. There’s been a massive drive towards user-friendly applications in the financial sector over the last few years and I think it’s great. Good design has led to improving interaction and insight.

As far as work hours go, there are no average work hours here. My philosophy places the importance of getting the work that the client needs to get done, done. It’s not about showing up at the office on weekdays from nine to five for me. I think that my work hours rely on communicating with clients and keeping them apprised of what they need to know during the hours that are right for them.

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