Abraham Finberg, CPA

Abraham Finberg, CPA

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About Abraham Finberg, CPA

Abraham Finberg, MBA, CPA, is a tax expert for small business owners and nonprofit organizations.  He has successfully represented various clients in IRS and Board of Equalization (Sales Tax) audits.  His professional passions include solving thorny tax issues for new and emerging industries.  When he’s not “fighting the war on taxes” for his clients he spends his time “fighting the war on terror” as Major Abraham Finberg, a reserve Soldier with the US Army who works as an Auditor for the Department of Internal Review.  When he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his wife, telling bedtime stories to his six year old daughter and keeping up with his high school son’s college ambitions.  Unbelievably, he actually bicycles to work in Los Angeles, CA


Abraham Finberg